An economy is the function of wealth, resources and productivity in society. An ideal economy thrives when people are at liberty to build business and exchange goods and services freely in the marketplace without government control. Capitalism in its purest sense is the exchange of value for money. Customers buy products or services at free will because their lives are enhanced for doing so. This benefits both the consumer and the business owner of makes a profit.

Dr. Ron Paul warns of the pending economic crisis that is due to cheap fiat currency created by the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul Tells it Like it Is Again: Major Recession Coming

Unlike the talking heads on CNBC I enjoy speaking the truth whether popular or not. Former congressman and medical doctor Ron Paul, host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, warns of an impending economic meltdown that is due to occur because of cheap money created by the Federal Reserve bank. I criticize central banking; I …

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San Diego Downtown harbor at sunset during winter showing docked boats and the city skyline in the distance.

Postmates is a Stupid, Abusive Company

I have decided to gradually end my temporary stint with the dim-witted entity, Postmates Inc., because their treatment of independent contractors is utterly ROTTEN. They are a 2 billion market share corporation that will likely go public on the LPO scale similar to UBER, etc. However, their bare-minimum payouts to employees are inhumane, to say …

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The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New York City, USA.

Jeffery Gundlach: Next Recession Will Bring “Extraordinary National Debt Problem”

The national debt keeps increasing tremendously despite Larry Kudlow and President Trump telling us it’s the best economy we’ve ever seen. This is GARBAGE. Nearly 80 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Credit card, auto and other consumer debts are at record highs, which means a rise in interest rates on universal loans…

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