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The Right to Say Highly Offensive Things

I am sick of seeing this authoritarian attack on our republic. We do not live in a “democracy” where majority rules. If that were the case then people would get away with atrocities so long as the more than 50 percent agreed. Free speech, however, is a natural right regulated by the universal laws. The right to say what you feel or express yourself accordingly is governed by the laws of cause and effect—you WILL reap what you so whether good or bad. I decided to speak out about this topic because the radical left is relishing the idea of taking away true freedom of speech in the United States. It will only stop when we stand up!

There is something to be said about how to deal with a hateful, offensive person who spews comments that make one’s hair stand on end. What should we do with the people of low conscious awareness who, in their misery to find relief, sow all kinds of awful things about a group or social movement in order gain attention for themselves. Notwithstanding, sometimes it is RIGHTEOUS to say highly offensive things to an individual or group—if the cause deems it necessary. Therefore, regulation of speech is something that only a wicked-minded regime will muster.

A reasonably intelligent person of good moral character knows there are natural consequences to actions, which includes speech. If an owner of a small business makes comments that anger or disappoint members of the community who might support the business, then he will go bankrupt. There is no need for a stupid government law telling him that he cannot say highly offensive or hateful things because it will take the liberties away from those who might need to say something harsh in proper context.

Furthermore, there is nothing inherently harmful or wrong with deeply offending someone. You are NOT violating their personal liberty because you are not depriving them of individual freedom of movement. They can choose to simply get away from you or fire back with their own comments. Unless you are holding someone hostage by force or threat—which might constitute duress, assault or battery—hateful speech does not violate natural rights. In fact, it is a natural right to say hateful things.

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